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The favorites folder of our group is reserved for winners in the contests.

Congratulations, you guys!





Welcome to the Myths and Legends Group!


Our focus is to bring fans of mythology and legends together in one group. We also accept anything that has fantasy in it, so join up and start submitting!


:star: How to Join

:star: Submission Rules and how to submit

:star: Contests

:star: How to Run Your Own Group

:star: Why my Groups Don't Do "Quality Control"








:star: FIRST PLACE: :star:

:star: SECOND PLACE: :star:

:star: THIRD PLACE: :star:

:star: Fourth PLACE (honorable mention): :star:

**Note: This is a fiction -- you have to click through the preview image to read it! **

Thanks to all who entered, commented, faved, and voted on the contestants!
This was a lot of fun! Hope to see you all for the next contest!



:star: For this contest you'll be illustrating a myth in winter!
This contest also has bonus points you can gain for the popular vote and judge's sections!

Read on for more details!

- The myths in you include must be an actual myth - not a made up one!

- The myth/legend you draw must include something pertaining to winter. Cold weather or holidays is perfect!

- The myth you decide to illustrate doesn't have to really take place in winter in the original story. Just make it take place in winter!

- Of course, there are also plenty of myths about winter. Just google it, baby. It's good stuff!

- Do not submit an old work of art. It must be new and created after this contest was put up [December 13th, 2013]

- Do not copy/trace the work of somebody else. Your art must be completely your own.

- You can be as serious or comical as you want.

- Any medium is acceptable. Ex: Sculpture, Digital, traditional, costume... anything!

- Yes, that means writing/literature is allowed.

:star: Bonus points! You will get bonus points (say 5 points) for each of these things you include:

:bulletblue: Snow
:bulletblue: Something that glows (fire, lights, anything luminous - even snow if you illustrate it that way!)
:bulletblue: Includes the colors red, white, and green
:bulletblue: Takes place at night
:bulletblue: Has something transparent (ice, a window, etc.)
:bulletblue: Contains a romantic couple
:bulletyellow: Please write which of these you've included in your deviation description so I don't miss any!

- When you submit your entry to deviantART, PLEASE mention that it's for the contest in this group somewhere in your description. Not because we need more promotion, but because there are a ton of people who submit to the wrong folder and don't even mean to try to enter the contest.
If you don't mention that your illustration is for this contest in the description, it will be removed from the folder.

- You may have up to two entries this time. But that's the limit.

- Keep it clean. Artistic nudity is allowed, but of course, no porn or really gross stuff. Keep it tasteful. If you have any questions about taste level, send us a note or leave a comment.

- You may enter the contest even if you're not a member. Just be sure to give us a link so we can add it.

- When you're done, post a comment with a link to your entry here, and I'll add it to the list.

- Also! I've created a folder for our new contest in the gallery called, "Contest 13 - Myths in Winter". Be sure to submit there.

-When the contest is over, we'll put up a blog with all the entries on it, and the members will vote on which one they think is best.

- If you have any additional questions, either comment here, note the club, or note the owner, (Zimeta)

Three winners will be chosen by popular vote. If we exceed 20 entries, an additional 3 winners will be chosen by a panel of judges.
If you're interested in doing a prize request for one or more of the winners, just note or comment here!
If you're willing to donate a subscription to one of the winners, just let us know! ^0^

:star: Winners Chosen by Popular Vote Get: - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!

:bulletred: First Place winner Gets:  

A request art speedpaint from: Ahrrie
A sketch request from: Ariadna-illustration
An artist trading card from: KtObermanns
A llama from: Zimeta
Your artwork will be featured on Zimeta's front page.
Your entry will be added to the Masterpiece section of our gallery
Your entry will be added to the club's Winner's Section. (Our favorites)

:bulletred: Second Place winner Gets:

A request art (bust only, with or without background) from: Gaspode5
A sketch request from: Ariadna-illustration
A llama from: Zimeta
Your artwork will be featured on Zimeta's front page.
Your entry will be added to the Masterpiece section of our gallery
Your entry will be added to the club's Winner's Section. (Our favorites)

:bulletred: Third Place winner gets:

A sketch request from: Ariadna-illustration
Your artwork will be featured on Zimeta's front page.
Your entry will be added to the Masterpiece section of our gallery
Your entry will be added to the club's Winner's Section. (Our favorites)

You don't necessarily have to accept the prize if you win. If you don't want the request, we could always pass it on to the runner-up.

January 30th, 2014

There will be no extensions.

01.) Demeters Heartbreak by StarfireArizona +15

02.) GRIFFIN deviantart contest myths and legendsGRIFFIN
The griffin raked the sky with its talons, fighting an imaginary foe. Golden wings soared over pitch-black night, illuminating the clouds around it. For tonight was Christmas Eve...and the griffin was waiting.
Red-green-white pinpricks dotted shabby houses below. The eyes of an eagle picked out the shapes of two humans kissing fervently on a snow-covered bench, oblivious to the snowflakes settling on their hair, and also to the beast above. But even if they looked up, the griffin would pass for a bright star.
A dim thrum rose and faded as a car roared past the humans. The girl separated from the male as the streetlight blinked once, then twice, and went out with a click. She lit a candle which glowed softly with simple love, and began to sing. The griffin's heart leapt with unbridled joy. Christmas carols! Humming along with the pure notes of Silent Night, the griffin flew down, closer to the couple, as to hear them better. The man's deep bass joined in with harmonious lines ec

03.) There are no more Pharaohs by Zimeta +25

04.) Cupid and Psyche by SignHermitCrab +20

05.) The Eyes by SweetHoney3d +20

06.) The Sister of birds by Nonko +5

07.) Tainted love by Nonko +25

08.) The First Cold Winter is WarmestThe snowflakes were numerous as grains of wind-blown sand. They dimmed the sunset and brought a freezing, premature nightfall. Bundled humans hurried past the lure of shop windows aglow with inviting warmth, toys, and tasty smells. A ribbon-clad tree towered over all from the place of honor cleared for it in the town square.
Hidden amongst rubbish in an alley where he could search for food unseen, Yerv was too miserable to enjoy it. He buried his hands in his coat sleeves and tried to thaw them against his arms. He shivered and watched his breath form clouds in front of his muzzle. The unnatural sight gave him a different kind of chill. Though his kin assured him this was a normal byproduct of harsh northern winters, it still gave him the creeps.
When feeling returned to his fingers he dipped his hand into a pocket and read the imprints left on the coins he had collected. None of their stories were very interesting (all had traded human hands in exchange for work and been lost on the s

09.) The Courting of Persephone by celticBRIDE +20

10.) Demeter's Winter by GlofernWolfe +25

11.) Yeti by tashmoister +5

12.) East of the Sun, West of the Moon by rachels89 +5

13.) The Tale of Tamas Lin

He met her in the winter
When the wind whipped through the trees,
Beneath the snowfall and the starlight,
Un'ner the shadow of the leaves.
A fair and regal maiden
With hair as black as night,
Pale skin of glowing moonbeams,
And eyes of sapphires bright.
She found him there in winter
Amid the rocks and snow.
His booted leg was twisted;
The brigands struck the blow.
She held him then and kissed him
And nursed his wounds so dire,
And stole him to the fairy court
Beyond the Ross’ shire.
Three days he dined in excess,
Three days he drunk the wine,
Three days he danced with beauties
In courtly green attire.
Yet long were the mornings,
Longer still the nights,
For by the Yuletide’s dawning
Ten years had made their flight.
Aggrieved was dear Seonaidh,
His breast grew ill and tight,
For those that dine with fairy folk
Can ne’er leave their sight.
Twelve years, he passed, then twenty
As servant, then as swain,
But best he served the company
And knighthood did attain.
But lo

14.) A Love Like This by 11SAD13 +10

15.) Trajan and Dochia by AncaXBre +5

16.) The Roman by ShoaibBhimani +5
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