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The favorites folder of our group is reserved for winners in the contests.

Congratulations, you guys!





Welcome to the Myths and Legends Group!


Our focus is to bring fans of mythology and legends together in one group. We also accept anything that has fantasy in it, so join up and start submitting!


:star: How to Join

:star: Submission Rules and how to submit

:star: Contests

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:star:First Place :star:

:star: Second Place :star:

:star:Third Place :star:

Thanks to all who entered! This one was a real blast. :D


:star: For this contest you'll be creating a griffin of your own design!

Read on for more details!

- A Griffin is a creature of myth that's part bird and part feline. They're usually depicted as qaudripeds with the fore half being more bird-like and the aft half being more feline-like.

- Your griffin must be part feline and part bird.
-- You can pick and existing feline and bird to mix or you can just make up your own entirely.

- Super traditional griffins are often depicted as part eagle and part lion. But you can pick anything you want to combine! Choose any crazy thing you can think of. Examples: Peacock+Liger, Sparrow + Puma, Cockatoo + Ocelot. There's a whole world out there! Have fun with it!

- Feel free to mix it up a bit, too. You can make the front half the cat part and the posterior half the bird, for example.

- You can draw/write about more than one type of griffin if you want to.

- You can include other mythical creatures or even humans in the picture as well, if you want to. But remember the griffin must be the spotlight of attention.

- No fanart. All creations must be your own.

- Do not submit an old work of art. It must be new and created after this contest was put up [March 17th, 2015]

- Do not copy/trace the work of somebody else. Your art must be completely your own.

- You can be as serious or comical as you want.

- Any medium is acceptable. Ex: Sculpture, Digital, traditional, costume... anything!

- Yes, that means writing/literature is allowed.

- ***When you submit your entry to deviantART, PLEASE mention that it's for the contest in this group somewhere in your description. Not because we need more promotion, but because there are a ton of people who submit to the wrong folder and don't even mean to try to enter the contest.
If you don't mention that your illustration is for this contest in the description, it will be removed from the folder.***

- You may have up to two entries this time. But that's the limit.

- Keep it clean. No porn, no really gross stuff. Keep it tasteful. If you have any questions about taste level, send us a note or leave a comment.

- You may enter the contest even if you're not a member. Just be sure to give us a link so we can add it.

- When you're done, post a comment with a link to your entry here, and I'll add it to the list.

- Also! I've created a folder for our new contest in the gallery called, "Contest 16 - Griffins". Be sure to submit there.

-When the contest is over, we'll put up a blog with all the entries on it, and the members will vote on which one they think is best.

- If you have any additional questions, either comment here, note the club, or note the owner, (Zimeta)

Three winners will be chosen by popular vote.
If you're interested in doing a prize request for one or more of the winners, just note or comment here!
If you're willing to donate a subscription to one of the winners, just let us know! ^0^

:star: Winners Chosen by Popular Vote Get:

:bulletred: First Place winner Gets:  

A traditional art request w/ background from: KelpGull
70 DA points :points: from TheStoryCollector
A +watch from magP
A +watch from MissFlowFlame
A llama from TheStoryCollector
A llama from: OmbreLunaire
A llama from MissFlowFlame
A llama from feathery-blue-otaku
A llama from TealXUltimate
Your entry will be added to the Masterpiece section of our gallery
Your entry will be added to the club's Winner's Section. (Our favorites)

:bulletred: Second Place winner Gets:

A lineart request from: KtObermanns
A colored art request without a background from: KelpGull
A +watch from magP
A llama from MissFlowFlame
A llama from: OmbreLunaire
A llama from TheStoryCollector
A llama from feathery-blue-otaku
A llama from TealXUltimate
Your entry will be added to the Masterpiece section of our gallery
Your entry will be added to the club's Winner's Section. (Our favorites)

:bulletred: Third Place winner gets:

A lineart request from: KelpGull
A llama from MissFlowFlame
A llama from TheStoryCollector
A llama from TealXUltimate
A llama from: OmbreLunaire
A llama from feathery-blue-otaku
Your entry will be added to the Masterpiece section of our gallery
Your entry will be added to the club's Winner's Section. (Our favorites)

You don't necessarily have to accept the prize if you win. If you don't want the request, we could always pass it on to the runner-up.

May 10th, 2015

There will be no extensions.

01.) Southwestern Magic by Zimeta (Roadrunner + Bobcat)

02.) Beast of Prey by MistyTang (Cardinal + Snow Leopard)

03.) Prehistoric Griffin by TheStoryCollector (Yutyrannus + Saber toothed cat)

04.) Archeopteryx Griffin by Velociraptor-King (Archeopteryx  + Proailurus)

05.) Pleistocene Griffin by Velociraptor-King (Saber toothed cat)

06.) Hunter by Bjekkergauken (Bateleur + Caracal)

07.) Fancy Gryphon by TealXUltimate (Peacock + Black Panther)

08.) The Griffin by SivarkArt (Eagle + Lion)

09.) Griffin by LillithI (Fantasy)

10.) Morning Light by Julkkuli (Fantasy)

11.) Parrot-Puma Griffin by PeKj (Parrot + Puma)

12.) Great Death Conquering III by Reyes-Ricardo (Condor + White Tiger)

13.) Gryphon by Bjekkergauken (Peacock + Leopard)

14.) Griffin pelican / cat by magP (Pelican + house cat)

15.) Panthowary by KelpGull (Cassowary + Panther)

16.) The Griffin of Cerrado by unusualdraws (Siriema + Jaguar)

17.) The Celtic Griffin by Merenwen-Melwasul (Fantasy)

18.) Tzununbalam by Lugal (Hummingbird + Jaguar)

19.) Yawning Tier by ThunderboltFire (Ealge + Lion)

20.) Sand-Macaw Gryphon Drawing by LiHy (Macaw + Sand Cat)

21.) Sand-Macaw Gryphon Sculpture by LiHy (Macaw + Sand Cat)

22.) butterflies are scary! by Pimiii (Eagle + Lion)

23.) Royal Snow Griffin by TheStoryCollector (Phoenix + Snow Lion)
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TheElegantShadow Featured By Owner May 5, 2015  Hobbyist Writer

Just a quick question: Do you accept mythological writings of fiction? I have a few pieces that are mythological in essence, but are of my own creation rather than from any established myth or folkloric tale.
Zimeta Featured By Owner May 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We sure do!
FireVerseCeramics Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015  Professional Artisan Crafter
Hello there and thank you for allowing me to join and share my ceramics pieces with the group. :)

I have some more pieces here at Etsy and I also do clayworking tuturials over on Youtube here… if you were so inclined. Have a nice day.
Grinning-Goblin Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015   Traditional Artist
Many thanks for adding my work to your gallery.
Zimeta Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem!
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Thank you for your work.
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